The First Omen (2024)

Sent to Rome with pure intentions of serving the church, a young American woman finds herself entangled in a web of darkness. Doubt clouds her faith as she uncovers sinister secrets veiled within the city’s ancient streets. Soon, she realizes she’s stumbled upon a malevolent conspiracy, orchestrating the arrival of something far more sinister than she could have imagined. With her faith tested and her beliefs shaken, she must confront the impending threat before it’s too late, and evil is unleashed upon the world. Follow Goojara Horror Movies for more.

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Title: The First Omen (2024)
Genres: 2024 Movies | Horror
Director: Arkasha Stevenson
Writer: Tim Smith, Arkasha Stevenson, Keith Thomas
Stars: Nell Tiger Free, Ralph Ineson, Sonia Braga