Wicked Little Letters (2024)

Amidst the picturesque streets of Littlehampton, a scandalous mystery grips the town as its inhabitants, including the prim and proper Edith, are bombarded with hilariously crude letters. The finger of accusation points squarely at Rose, a lively Irish immigrant with a penchant for stirring up trouble. Yet, as doubts emerge, a group of women band together to unravel the tangled web of deception lurking beneath the surface, revealing surprising truths about their neighbors and themselves. Follow Goojara Comedy Movies for more.

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Title: Wicked Little Letters (2024)
Genres: 2024 Movies | Comedy, Crime, Drama
Director: Thea Sharrock
Writer: Jonny Sweet
Stars: Jessie Buckley, Olivia Colman, Timothy Spall