The Last Stop in Yuma County (2024)

In the vast expanse of rural Arizona, a traveling salesman finds himself unexpectedly trapped at a desolate rest stop. What was meant to be a routine pit stop transforms into a nightmare when two bank robbers storm in, wielding both cruelty and steel. With no regard for human life, they force the salesman into a harrowing hostage situation, driven by their relentless pursuit of a bloodstained fortune. Caught in the crossfire of violence and desperation, the salesman must summon all his wit and courage to navigate the treacherous ordeal that unfolds before him. Follow Goojara Crime Movies for more.

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Title: The Last Stop in Yuma County (2024)
Genres: 2024 Movies | Crime, Thriller
Director: Francis Galluppi
Writer: Francis Galluppi
Stars: Jim Cummings, Faizon Love, Jocelin Donahue