The Accursed (2022)

The Accursed (2022) looks terrific and features a strong directing effort from Kevin Lewis as well as good acting, but it provides nothing fresh in terms of story for seasoned or even casual horror-film audiences.

The local witch Ms. Ambrose is defeated supernaturally by Mary Lynn and her daughter Sadie. Smalltown escapee Elly goes back to her family’s house after her mother’s death several months later. With the aid of her friend Beth, she intends to quickly sell the house and depart.

Though Elly can’t leave town as fast as she’d want, she accepts a job offer from a stern woman named Alma to care for an elderly woman who is catatonic and lives in a rural cabin; it turns out that woman is Ms. Ambrose, as you might expect. Even after returning Mary Lynn drops a tonne of backstory information, the standard haunted house/demonic possession clich├ęs are present, but Elly is still at the cabin. Watch more Goojara Horror online movies free without any cost.

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Title: The Accursed (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Horror
Directors: Kevin Lewis
Writer: Rob Kennedy
Stars: Sarah Grey, Meg Foster, Sarah Dumont