Blood Red Sky (2021)

Watch Blood Red Sky 2021 Movie streaming on goojara ch website full free in HD quality within a click. It goes without saying that the scenario is completely stupid. But that doesn’t have to be wrong, as the cult film Snakes on a Plane demonstrated. The main thing is to have fun. Unfortunately, Blood Red Sky has a lot of problems in this regard. A cardinal mistake that action horror is making here: It takes itself pretty seriously. Instead of savoring the madness and absurdity of the story, Thorwarth tried to make a lot more of it. That doesn’t just mean that he occasionally lets himself be carried away with social comments. He also builds in a prehistory that should make Nadja a tragic figure who fights for a long time against the monster within.

It is not fundamentally wrong to want to give the main character of a horror film more depth. At Blood Red Skybut this plan does not work at all. Not only does the film fail to make her an interesting character in that way. He also slows himself down unnecessarily because the story is repeatedly interrupted by flashbacks. The narrative structure is generally quite cumbersome. Instead of a straightforward narrative, as would be appropriate, Thorwarth uses a framework in which Elias retells the main story, which in turn is interrupted by the flashbacks. This doesn’t work, however, as the events are practically never told from Elias’ perspective. In this way, the film itself is clearly too long: With the thin content, it really wouldn’t have taken more than two hours. Watch more free Goojara Horror Movies free streaming within a click.

Movie Overview

Title: Blood Red Sky (2021)
Genres: 2021 Movies | Action, Horror, Thriller
Directors: Peter Thorwarth
Writer: Peter Thorwarth, Stefan Holtz
Stars: Peri Baumeister, Carl Anton Koch, Alexander Scheer