Army of the Dead (2021)

Watch Army of the Dead 2021 Movie streaming free online in full HD cinema quality on website. it happens some time after the zombie outbreak, with our civilization coexisting with the zombies. Let’s say that in an imaginary zombieverse made up of films of dead and meat-eating people it would go between ‘Night of the Living Dead’ and ‘Zombieland’, with a similar comic tone at specific moments and reaching some extremes worthy of ‘Zombeavers’. But what commands this ‘Army of the dead’ is the time dedicated to the lives that the protagonists have left behind or the misery they live, thus creating many dramatic moments. Of course he dedicates space to developing a new paraphernalia of the undead but without a doubt the regrets of the protagonists gain weight as the film advances.

It has a lot of action and is quite good, I laugh at the hordes of zombies from ‘Left 4 dead’, this is fear and disgust in Las Vegas. But the introductory sequence is the best of the film without a doubt. It is a much less spectacular film than its trailer promised, whose images make up almost the entire first minutes of the film. It will probably happen with this movie as it happened with the ‘6 in the shade’by Michael Bay. A film that seemed like it would be great and will end up being a minor title for the careers of these directors, not preventing this from being enjoyable for fans of the very particular planes of a filmography that is very full of effects and far from the conventional. And it will be a pleasant moment for those who like me enjoy the zombie genre, but it is not a transgressive movie, far from it. Just as inconsequential is the Junkie XL soundtrack in a new collaboration with Snyder. Watch more free Goojara Action Movies free online in 720p quality within a click.

Movie Overview

Title: Army of the Dead (2021)
Genres: 2021 Movies | Action, Crime, Horror
Directors: Zack Snyder
Writer: Zack Snyder
Stars: Dave Bautista, Ella Purnell, Ana de la Reguera